Friday, January 11, 2013


Lots of people ask if we are able to hold Marshall and talk to him.  Currently we can't hold him much as he is attached to an oscilator (a type of ventilator that is gentler on the lungs) which can't be moved, and makes holding difficult.  Tyler and I have both had a chance to hold him once, but only inside his incubator a couple inches above his bed.  We are able to touch him and hold his hand, but sometimes this can cause little Marshall to be overstimulated, which is evident when his O2 levels start dropping on the monitor.  The doctors and nurses call his care "cluster care".  Because premature babies are supposed to be still inside their moms, they aren't as ready for the stimulation that comes from loud noises, and being touched or moved.  So his care is done in clusters.  If the nurses need to prick his heel for a blood sugar level, and he needs to be fed and moved, they plan to do it all at once, to limit the amount of stimulation Marshall gets so that he isn't overstimulated.  We still get to talk to him lots, and sing to him, but are always aware of his oxygen levels, making sure he doesn't get too stressed.  

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