Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Roller Coaster

The nurses keep telling mommy and daddy that the NICU is like a roller coaster. When I first heard that I wondered what that was and wasn't too sure that I would like roller coasters. Don't get me wrong. I'm so thankful for the NICU for helping me get well and I love my friends the nurses and doctors and isn't it amazing what modern medicine can do? (I've heard that a lot -so I'm thankful even though I don't quite know the difference - I'm just a kid!), but I've heard home is really nice without all the beeping and lights and best of all I get to be with mom and dad the WHOLE TIME! Which one would you choose? It sounds heavenly! Plus, I'd get to see my grandparents and aunts and uncles more often. (I haven't even met three of them! Two awesome uncles can't see me yet because they're too young to come into the NICU...and my aunt is on a mission!) Being sick isn't too fun either and I know it worries my parents -so I decided if the NICU is like a roller coaster then roller coasters must not be all that great.

Then mommy told me it's a ride that goes way up high then speeds down and up again, sometimes with spins and turns that you can't see around. She said they're pretty thrilling and fun but sometimes they give you motion sickness. I figured maybe they were saying that the NICU can make you feel sick. Well, so far that's pretty true.

Then daddy told me they were using something called a simile - saying that while I'm in the NICU our feelings will go up and down like a roller coaster goes up and down and sometimes you can't see what's waiting around the corner. Once he told me that it made a lot more sense.

This week was definitely like a roller coaster (look dad, I'm already doing a simile!) I was feeling great at first! Mom said she showed you a video of me looking all around. We were on a high, then Wham! we sped toward the ground and I wasn't feeling so hot, and mom and dad were worRIED! They put me on some medicine and I'm feeling better already, but mom still looks pretty worried. She tries not to let it show but I can tell. Today they said they found out I have serratia and I heard mom telling the nurses it was a bad idea to Google it (kind of scary), but the nurse said it's a treatable bacteria and they caught it early, which is good! I'm feeling much more awake today and I'm getting a transfusion now. (My red blood cells were low...I've gotten a lot of transfusions. I just can't seem to make enough red blood cells yet!) So I think we're maybe starting to go up the roller coaster but we're also at a corner that we can't see around yet.

Today while mommy was here she had to sit beside me to pump and felt bad she couldn't comfort me. She knows it's hard sometimes being here alone...the nurses are always near but don't always have time to comfort me like mommy does when she comes. My oxygen usually stays pretty good when she's touching me. She told me she said a prayer that I could feel the angels comforting me when she can't cause my oxygen started to drop. After she said the prayer my oxygen started coming back up and I reminded her that angels are always with me. I can see them better than she can and sometimes she forgets.

Mom and dad told me that life can be like a roller coaster too. So I suggested we pray for anyone else that might be on the down side of their roller coaster! So if that's YOU, I hope you know we're praying for you!  But some comfort for all of us is that God and His angels are watching over us and no matter what happens it will all be okay in the END! - remember right now for some reason I can see them better than you may be able to.

I might end up liking roller coasters after all.



  1. LOVE the video and the sweet little guy in it! We're sending extra prayers your way. Thank you for letting us share your journey.

  2. How comforting to watch you nurture and comfort, Marshall, music adds so much I know he was blessed by it as I was like a prayer, sending peace and love to all! JILL