Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"This [incubator] ain't big enough for the two of us!"

Just wanted to hurry and say hello to everyone and let y'all know what's going on!  Last Thursday my buddy Woody came to visit again.  (He taught me the word y'all!)  I didn't have much energy so he just lay down beside me, but it sure was comforting.  Isn't it amazing what simple things friends can do to lift your spirits?!  My family and I have been blessed by friends and family that way a lot lately.  So, thanks everyone!

The next day was pretty rough.  I kept thinking about my good friends and family to make it through.  I had a spinal tap and blood draws to make sure that everything is okay.  The spinal tap was supposed to check for something called meningitis, and the blood draws were to check my oxygen, platelets, red blood cells and infections.  I also got another blood transfusion.  All the reports came back with good news.  No sign of meningitis, and no infections or signs of bacteria growing in my blood.  The doctors are still treating the serratia (that was found growing in my tracheal tube), and they think I could have a yeast infection, so they are treating that too.  The next day, I got a new picc line in my arm, so they could give me the medicines without having to worry about finding a good vein all the time.  I've been pretty wiped out and irritated.  My parents bring me a lot of comfort, and the nurses give me Ativan to calm me down.  I'm working hard on growing, and my parents told me they're proud of my progress.  As of today, I weigh 2 lbs 13 oz, and I've grown to 14 inches tall!  They're adding 26 calories to my milk now,  instead of the 24 they normally give preemies and they've been adding MCT oil to help me grow too!  I'm even starting to get a double chin!  

I had another eye exam, and my eyes are good but still pretty immature.  I'm really hoping that my lungs can get strong!  We want to make sure that I'm over my infections and then they're going to start me up on steroids to get me off the ventilator.  That sure would be nice!  It's pretty hard to remember what it felt like not to have tubes hanging out of my mouth all the time.  And while I try to make the best of the situation by sucking on my tubes, I'm sure looking forward to getting a binky instead!


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  1. Thanks Marshall,

    We have been waiting to hear from you. We have you and your family in our prayers. You and they are such good examples to us. We love all of you and are looking to the day when you are with your parents in your own crib at home.

    Love, Don and Barbie