Sunday, December 23, 2012

Howdy, partner!

Hi, it's me again.

Thanks for all of your emails. It's exciting to meet new people every day. I'm only a few days old and already I have so many friends.

Since I don't get to see most of you yet (actually, I won't really see anyone until my eyes open up. Grandma Daryl says they'll open any day now), I thought I could tell you how I like to spend my time. If possible, I like to relax and sleep. They say it'll help me develop and be kinder to my body, but I do it so I can stay close to heavenly father and let the angels do their work.

I guess I should tell you why I got so tired today. My dad came to visit me and came at just the right time. I was ready to roll over to my other side with the help of my nurse Renee right when dad came to visit. I had a good idea to make him feel a bit useful (I guess he's been feeling kinda helpless lately, and I thought this would help). I had him pick me up in his big hands so that grandma could take some pictures. It was fun being lifted up so high!

Dad kept worrying he was going to hurt me, but I just thought, "Hey, I'm Stout-hearted. I can handle it!" I don't think he got the message.

Because I enjoy my rest, I schedule all my activities in clusters. So a few times a day I'll change positions, or bedding, or diapers (everyone was so excited that I went number two for the first time today, how embarrassing). During those times the nurses will do what they need for tests and adjusting things like diet and blood transfusions.

Anyway, I don't want to worry you by talking about things like blood, so I'll introduce you to my new buddy. His name is Woody and he's a marshall too. He came with grandpa Paul with a custom metal badge that says "Marshall" and has my birthday on it. I'm proud to say that crime in the NICU has remained at zero ever since we got here.

Right now deputy Woody is taller than I am, but mom says I'll grow bigger than he is really soon. They say they're gonna take pictures of the two of us a lot so they can see me grow, but I think it's a bit much. I do like Woody, but he's got work to do and he tends to sit on my tubes and wires a lot.

Well, I'm getting pretty tired again. The doctor worked with me a lot today to get the sugar levels in my nutrients figured out, and so I have another day of living and maturing behind me. Tomorrow will be a good day I think. As long as the prayers keep coming my way, I'll have the fuel to keep fighting. And He told me that you and I help each other to grow, physically and spiritually. I think we all make a pretty good team.

I love you all! Merry Christmas!


P.s.: Mommy's doing better today. Dad told me she was struggling with something about hi-per-ten-shun and HELLP syndrome. I miss her, and I know she misses me and feels bad she hasn't been able to come see today. So pray for her as well! I think she'd love to hear from you too, so feel free to send her a text!

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