Friday, December 28, 2012

Post-Christmas Lethargy

I bet you're surprised I know the word lethargy. Well, anyone with access to the internet and a good spell-checker can seam smart these days (whoops, I mean 'seem').

But seriously, even my leg has been falling asleep constantly since Christmas. It started to turn a bit blue yesterday and kept getting worse. But don't start worrying about that, it's back to the same pink color as the rest of me. I don't quite understand it, but my doctor said the line that goes in my umbilical artery was reducing the blood supply to my leg. All I know is that he pulled it out and my leg feels much better (but not before that prickling feeling you get after riding on your daddy's shoulders too long).

With that tube gone, I felt much lighter and better. I have to say, it's a bit awkward to have tubes coming out of your belly button when family comes to visit (and is that an innie because it goes inside me, or an outtie because it sticks so far out?!) Either way, I wasn't free for very long. They put a picc line in my arm that runs all the way to my 2-centimeter little heart. Evidently there's a quota for how many tubes have to be attached to a baby here. Don't they know I weigh only $1.92 in pennies?

But the good news is that I weigh about 80 grams more today than I did when I was born! I figure since my dad and others are gaining weight during the break that I may as well join them. The doctor says the weight is good, but he says I must've overdone it on the sweets. Evidently the sugar in my blood is pretty high right now, and that needs to get balanced.

The good news is that I'm weaning from the oxygen and ventilator, the super bright lights for the bilirubin are turned off for now, and my right eye is getting close to opening (I try really hard to open my eyes when I hear my mommy's voice. My daddy is always telling me how beautiful she is, but I want to see her myself!).

Thank you for praying me to those milestones. Could I ask you for another favor though? Could you keep the doctors and nurses in your prayers as well? They get pretty tired taking care of me, and someone needs to take care of them too.

Anyway, sorry for the long-winded email. I guess that's what happens when you eat too much sugar and lie around in your incubator all day. I love you all!


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